Debugging tip: Serve pages on port 443 without SSL/TLS

Append ‘:443’ to the url

This is how to check if your live server is responding on port 443 without having to install a SSL/TLS certificate.

This confirms the following

If it doesn’t work


For this type of debugging, make sure you have typed ‘http’ in the URL without an ’s' at the end - i.e. don’t type ‘https’ because that little ’s' at the end requires a secure connection - which this is not.

No response or timeout

If you’re not receiving a response or getting a long pause followed by a timeout error, make sure that your server (apache/nginx/caddy etc) is configured to listen on port 443. For example you may need to edit your apache conf file like below.

Listen 443

Use this tip for debugging only

Don’t actually try to deliver content in production this way - if you need helping understanding the reason for this, do this search .